Phone Apps, Going Gluten-Free? Yes!

Phone applications seem to be taking over everyones lives (including mine). With iPhones, Blackberry’s, and other Smart Phones people are coming out with an app for literally everything. One of the most popular category of apps is food! These apps help consumers shop, cook, and eat. Apps like Yelp, Urban Spoon, Epicurious, and Calorie Tracker are among the most popular food apps. But why do I love the food apps? To be gluten-free! Many of the apps you can specify your search and gluten-free options are now available on the apps!

The new apps are going to be a huge help when looking for a gluten-free cereal or trying to find a restaurant. With the app being conveniently on my phone I can be on the go and just quickly look it up! I no longer have spend time researching a restaurant or calling to ask about food options. The technology is so fast and easy that being gluten-free is going to be a breeze 🙂



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Who is Senator Alex Padilla??

Senator Alex Padilla is the man who changed everything for consumers. He is the man behind putting nutritional values into chain restaurants. With the nutritional values now posted it gives the consumers to know what exactly they are taking into their bodies. In return made restaurants revamp certain menu items to make them ‘healthier.’ With many different dietary restrictions now consumers need to have access to the food they will intake.

Padilla is a very influential person to advocate human rights and he is just the person to make gluten-free menus a reality. Even if gluten-free menus are becoming more readily available it is not every chain restaurant taking action. With a law this would be a call to action and gluten-free menus could be everywhere. The day this happens my life will feel restored because I can enjoy meals that were once taken away.

Mr. Padilla I am asking you to please take charge and campaign for gluten-free menus. The response would be large and you could change so many peoples lives. Don’t you want to be the person responsible for giving back to people who had something as simple as food taken away?

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Gluten-Free…No Longer Boring

It is starting look like restaurants may not need a law enforced if they continue to listen to customers. Restaurants were listening when customers asked the waitstaff for gluten-free food or an ingredient list. Restaurants are beginning to produce gluten-free specials or menus. With more customers asking for this special dietary request the waitstaff is also becoming educated about the food that is being served. They have become more confident answering questions about the food.

Many chain restaurants are adding gluten-free menus because it is easy for them finically to add a separate menu, but for small local restaurants it is not as easy. Many smaller restaurants are adding one or two options maximum because they still want to reach their customers.

The chain restaurants such as P.F. Changs, Outback Steakhouse, Chili’s, and The Yard House all offer a gluten-free menu. Outback Steakhouse has a very impressive menu with plenty to choose from. No matter what you want it can basically be prepared gluten-free. I believe this is extradorinaiy that they went to this degree to provide such an in depth menu for their valued customers.

Outback Steakhouse Gluten-Free Menu

My favorite activity of going out dinner may just be turning around 🙂


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Ballparks Get Gluten-Free!!

It seems as if going gluten-free is becoming a trend! Venues are recognizing that they need to reach every customer. With baseball season just beginning it is time to add a new option to the menu: gluten-free options! The three big concessionaires, Delaware North, Aramark, and Centerplate are adding gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Ballparks nationwide that carry any of the three concessionaires will have more options to choose from. This change was in response to its customers wanting to enjoy the whole baseball experience. “I can finally go to a game and eat!” said Mary Gardner, longtime baseball fan.

With companies nationwide expanding their options to include gluten-free options, why can’t California incorporate gluten-free menus? The state needs to listen to its consumers and make the necessary changes so everyone is included. Looks like I need to go to an Angel game to get a gluten-free meal!

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Even the Easter Bunny is going Gluten-Free!

With Easter being today the Easter Bunny needs to have tasty treats to deliver to everyone! Surf Sweets has come out with Organic Jelly Beans, Gummy Bears, and Gummy worms! This is just in time to fill everyones Easter basket. This new candy is naturally flavored and doesn’t contain corn syrup. But best of all the candy is gluten-free and vegetarian!!

This candy is great because the flavor and texture tastes exactly like regular candy, but it is healthy and gluten-free! Having a food allergy and a sweet tooth no longer have to collide because Surf Sweets has solved the problem. The Surf Sweets can be found at Whole Foods or any organic grocery store! Anyone can eat them and enjoy all the delicious treats the Easter bunny brings! Happy Easter 🙂

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Seeley Axe White

By adding gluten-free menus to restaurants one other factor should be considered too: alcohol. Another huge drawback of being gluten intolerance is no more beer! That is taking away a necessary item for life. But the Missoula’s Kettlehouse Brewing Co. has come up with a new solution to this problem. They are introducing a new beer named–Seeley Axe White. The beer is brewed from the gluten-free grain sorghum. The name is stemmed from the gluten intolerant disease, Celiac. “It tastes a bit like a wheat hefeweizen, but it also has a pale ale-like hoppiness lacking in every other gluten-free beer I’ve tried,” said Tim O’Leary, owner.

If restaurants start to offer the Seeley Axe White it will expand their clientele and increase alcohol sales. By offering this beer it is not only gluten-free people who will be enjoying the beer, but every consumer who wants to try a new beer.

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The Educated Choice

College campuses nationwide are making changes to adjust to student food allergies with a large number of choices to meet the students dietary needs. At the Ivy League schools, students have different options of vegetarian, vegan, kosher, and gluten-free meals. Unfortunately, at Princeton they are missing one very important food allergy choice: gluten-free. Students who are faced with this serious food allergy can’t eat in the dining halls at the school for fear of the repercussions. Princeton is lacking to add gluten-free options, which is a medical necessity not a choice for many. “It’s not like I’m a vegan who is choosing this,” said a freshman at Princeton.

Princeton University's Dining Hall

Another Ivy League school, Columbia, is leaps and bounds ahead of Princeton. They offer a full line of gluten-free foods with a gluten-free entree prepared every lunch and dinner. Columbia also has their own gluten-free refrigerator filled with meals and snacks. By offering so many gluten-free options, Princeton is helping to make the lives of the students who live gluten-free easier.

If Ivy League schools have gone to the extent of offering gluten-free menus and options for students, then California should be able to implement gluten-free menus into large chain restaurants.


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